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for the graphic needs of our friends
1st-Dec-2006 03:48 pm
pic - that's gangsta
I do not do a loved list anywhere because I pretty much have this community AS my loved list. If you were invited here from me, it's because I know you and I trust you (which means Lauren will trust you as well and make you pretty icons). BUT, I don't want you guys just sitting here. I want you guys to request. If you're not going to be active members, then I would rather you not join.

1st-Dec-2006 09:07 pm (UTC)
Ok here's the deal:

1. My gallery is under construction. I thought I was going to get it done quickly yesterday, but I guess not.. It will be back up tonight

2. I am able to take requests.. I know that sometimes I don't get them done too quickly, but I do get them done. Just give me a reminder if you request and its not done within 3 or 4 days ;D

Ummm... yeah I think that's all
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